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Brief introduction of Schneider UPS power supply company

American power conversion group (Schneider Electric) can provide protection against some major downtime, data loss and hardware failure: power and temperature problems. As a global leader in network critical physical infrastructure (NCPI) solutions, APC sets product quality and innovation

And technical support industry standards. Its complete solution is suitable for the environment of domestic and foreign companies, and can improve the manageability, availability and performance of sensitive electronic equipment, network communication equipment and various industrial equipment.

Schneider, headquartered in West Kingston, Rhode Island, USA, has a global sales division and manufacturing plants on three continents. At the same time, the global team of Schneider UPS power is working hard to win customer satisfaction. To accomplish this mission, the company focuses on four main application areas: Home / small office; business network; data center and facilities; access to supplier network.

Schneider Electric is famous for providing high-quality, innovative products, industry-leading services and technical support. Schneider Electric is probably the most awarded company in the industry. Improve the manageability, availability, and performance of information and communication systems to satisfy users by quickly providing innovative solutions to their practical problems.

Reliability design and one minute of business termination will cause thousands of dollars of losses to the company. Therefore, reliability means everything. Only entering the industry where Schneider Electric can occupy the leading position - our high standard return on investment is the guarantee of APC's success; providing end-to-end integrated solutions with high cost performance to meet different needs; - APC takes continuous innovation technology as its goal Users provide integrated power protection and management solutions; cultivate market awareness of the importance of power protection - IBM has made a survey, computers will suffer more than 120 power problems every month, so reliable power protection is imperative; develop partners - in order to improve the availability of systems and networks, many leading IT companies have joined with APC As partners, they realize that power supply issues have a great impact on work efficiency and customer satisfaction; strive to achieve 100% channel and customer satisfaction - the purpose of APC research and development products is to provide users with products that truly meet their needs, and 100% satisfaction is very important.

At the end of 1995, Schneider Electric entered China. In 1996, Schneider Electric's Beijing office was established, with offices in Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, Chengdu, Xi'an and Shenyang. In 1998, Schneider Electric's Suzhou factory was established. Schneider Electric has gone through a brilliant road after entering China. At the same time, China's UPS market has gone through the development stage from accessory products to mainstream channels, and then becomes a huge power supply protection industry. As early as in 1996, when Schneider Electric introduced the concept of "Network UPS", the Chinese market's cognition of Schneider UPS was still at the level of "battery"; Schneider Electric brought ups from a simple peripheral to the era of Network UPS, so that ups and it industry established a close relationship. After that, Schneider Electric launched an end-to-end network uninterruptible comprehensive power supply protection solution, which made the focus of UPS protection shift from the hardware system to the protection of data and applications. When the trend of e-commerce swept China, Schneider Electric launched a power supply protection solution for e-commerce - "non stop e" (without reliable power protection, there will be no end Good e-commerce ", and let UPS get on the e-commerce express. With six years of development, Schneider Electric has become an undoubted leader in the industry and an expert in high available power supply protection. Schneider Electric has won the first prize in China's UPS market for three consecutive years. According to the 2001-2002 UPS annual survey report of CCID, a Chinese research institution, Schneider Electric has become a worthy leader and expert of high available power protection in the industry with a market share of 25.6% and an advantage of 8% ahead of the second place.



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