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Accelerating the implementation of "double carbon" in industrial digitization, Schneider Electric Expo released the "white paper on the road of industrial carbon neutralization"

Shanghai, China, November 5 - Schneider Electric, a digital transformation expert in the field of global power management and automation, participated in the 4th China International Import Expo with the theme of "boosting carbon neutralization and accelerating digitization", And released the latest insight into the scope of industrial carbon neutralization on site: "building the competitiveness of carbon gold in the future: the way for China's industrial enterprises to complete carbon neutralization" (white paper on the road to industrial carbon neutralization). Combined with the background of "double carbon" policy and the practical experience of Schneider Electric's green production and intelligent production supporting industrial digital transformation, the overall solution plan of industrial carbon neutralization from consultation to implementation provides favorable enlightenment and reference for the completion path of industrial carbon neutralization.

"For China's industries, low-carbon and digital transformation are challenges and opportunities." Pang Xingjian, senior vice president of Schneider Electric and head of industrial automation business in China, "Schneider Electric actively gives full play to its skills in power management and industrial automation, and provides practical strategies and opinions for industrial enterprises in combination with a series of practices. It is believed that the release of the white paper on the road to industrial carbon neutralization will contribute to promoting industry towards carbon neutralization."

The white paper on the road to industrial carbon neutralization brings together the wisdom of many experts and scholars. After discussing and analyzing the trend of carbon peak and carbon neutralization and international experience, it defines the connotation of "carbon gold talent" and defines it as a new competitiveness index. On this basis, analyze the main challenges of completing the "double carbon" policy, refine the key skill path, and further put forward the idea, form and methodology of Schneider Electric's assistance in completing the "double carbon" policy, from focusing on digital transformation and sustainable carbon gold matrix, to sustainable four-step and three-step digital transformation, and then to the promotion of "lighthouse factory", From top-level consultation to landing examples, it provides a complete proposition for industrial "carbon neutralization".

Farewell can continue. Schneider Electric can create "carbon gold" for industry

With the gradual implementation of carbon emission reduction in the industrial field, for enterprises, carbon strategy is not only a compliance issue and legal issue, but also an issue of the future competitiveness of enterprises. Therefore, "carbon gold" can be seen and paid attention to by enterprises again. The so-called carbon gold ability refers to the relative advantage ability formed by the enterprise in the process of carbon emission reduction at a given time. Enterprises that can skillfully deal with the challenge of carbon emissions will achieve greater competitiveness. This requires enterprises to carefully create the integration ability of green production and intelligent production. Before the two time nodes of 2030 and 2060, having the preemptive ability of carbon emission reduction will constitute a time-based competitive advantage; The corresponding "carbon laggards" will be screened out. "Carbon gold" talent has also become one of the core competitiveness of enterprises towards the predictable future.

As a long-term advocate, farewell and enabling person who can continue to carry out, Schneider Electric adheres to practice and go hand in hand with enabling customers to continue to explore for the completion of carbon emission reduction for mankind: on the one hand, Schneider Electric promises to complete carbon neutralization at the company's operation level in 2025 and promote net zero carbon emission at the supply chain level in 2050; On the other hand, Schneider Electric provides Chinese partners with a four in one carbon emission reduction solution plan from consultation, planning, implementation to operation and maintenance, so as to build the carbon gold competitiveness of Chinese enterprises. Relying on its strong ability in sustainable development, Schneider Electric was rated as the top of the "best sustainable enterprise in the world" by enterprise jazz in 2021.

Solve the problem of industrial "carbon neutralization" with digital "sharp tools"

As the world's second largest economy and the largest industrial country, China's implementation of the "double carbon" policy is facing a more chaotic national condition test. In the field of industry, green intelligent production has become the general trend of transformation and promotion of traditional production industry. In this process, the role of digitization is prominent: digitization is not only the promotion pillar of the enterprise itself, but also the driving force for the transformation of the whole industrial chain. Schneider Electric has put forward the concept of "green intelligent production" as early as 2019, advocating the induction and application of information skills, operation skills, data skills, power skills and communication skills to help enterprises complete the informatization, automation, digitization, greening and networking of production and operation, so as to improve the power, toughness and sustainability of industry. With the deepening of digitization, technological innovation triggered by digital skills has begun to flash.

For example, the use of digital skills can make full use of advanced control system and safety system, complete the optimization of production process, and find the optimal solution of carbon emission reduction under the existing skill level. Schneider Electric Wuxi factory made full use of digital twin skills to optimize all management, increase efficiency and reduce emission. HVAC alone achieved 32% energy saving. Together, through the end-to-end supply chain covered by digital skills, Wuxi factory promotes the emission reduction of all upstream and downstream with green acquisition, green production and green handover, combined with Schneider Electric's unique supplier "zero carbon plan", so as to drive the industrial value chain to be sustainable. In September this year, Schneider Electric's Wuxi factory in China won the title of "lighthouse factory" from end to end at the world economic forum.

Digitization is not only a carbon neutral weapon, but also a feasible and despised weapon at present. At the supply chain end, Schneider Electric has built an end-to-end green supply chain through digital and other skills, covering upstream and downstream links such as green planning, green acquisition, green production and green handover. The concept of sustainability has been integrated into all aspects of Schneider Electric's business.

Based on the national conditions, Schneider Electric explores the high-quality "carbon reduction" plan

At present, when COVID-19 is gone, all countries in the world are still facing the double pressure of "resisting epidemic situation and protecting the economy". For China's industry, under the "double carbon" policy, industrial enterprises should quickly establish a carbon peak and carbon neutralization action plan, and speed up the construction of a clean, low-carbon, safe and efficient enterprise strategy. Otherwise, everything is just talk on paper and castles in the air. Therefore, relying on years of carbon reduction practice, rich skill reserves, profound knowledge accumulated in various industries and the interpretation of each other's target trend, Schneider Electric brings a set of high-quality carbon emission reduction consulting overall solution plan for industry customers to settle in China's national conditions and meet the top-level needs of enterprises, and puts forward suggestions from the aspects of planning, management, performance and operation:

·In the strategic planning stage, after policy and market analysis, industry benchmarking, stakeholder research, power transformation opportunity analysis, management system identification and confirmation, as well as zero carbon Park consultation and construction planning, zero carbon plant consultation and construction planning, it will eventually be handed over to customers for market analysis, industry trend statement, industry benchmarking analysis statement The overall strategy of scientific carbon neutralization based on enterprise business development;

·In the stage of management improvement, after sorting and quantifying emission data, establish monitoring, statement and verification (MRV) system and scientific carbon policy; Quantitatively analyze the feasibility of emission reduction actions and establish a carbon neutralization path emission reduction model; Establish a scientific Schneider Electric sustainable development (SSS) management system suitable for the characteristics of the enterprise; Conduct supply chain coordination discussion;

·In the implementation optimization stage, only by providing digital on-site renewable power and Microgrid optimization, digital energy efficiency management and digital carbon emission management, assisting in the implementation of offset strategies (e.g. offline trading of certified voluntary emission reduction CCER), can supply chain coordination be built, emission reduction plans be implemented, emission reduction projects and actions be implemented, and policies be completed;

·In the green operation stage, it is ultimately up to the power and can continue to carry out digital things, and the carbon neutralization project will implement the tracking development statement. Together with this, through the visual and authoritative certification results, we can establish a set of data processing system and automation, which will eventually be handed over to the compliant disclosure statement for statement and performance related certification. Through green planning, green acquisition, green production and green handover, we can improve power, tap opportunities and continue innovation.

After covering strategic planning, system planning, performance optimization and performance display, Schneider Electric can continue to carry out four steps to promote low-carbon actions that can be implemented in industrial enterprises. During this period, whether it is carbon emission tracking, cost optimization, risk prediction, or power optimization, it can be established under a set of framework system to complete the sustainable development strategy of industrial enterprises for the future.

Looking to the future, under the "double carbon" policy, industry is facing new opportunities. Schneider Electric will work with ecosystem partners to improve the system and mechanism and promote skill innovation and industrialization; Adhering to the spirit of openness and cooperation, promote the transformation of industry to green and low-carbon. Therefore, the white paper on industrial carbon neutralization also puts forward proposals for industrial enterprises with the key words of "consultation, intelligence, green, standard and partner".

When human needs get rid of the dependence on fossil power, the same needs of industrial systems change deeply. Believe that the white paper "building the competitiveness of carbon gold in the future: the way for China's industrial enterprises to complete carbon neutralization" can provide ideas for industrial enterprises to build "carbon gold" in time; Schneider Electric will also take the overall carbon gold matrix plan from consultation to implementation, take "cleaning, electrification, digitization and standardization" as the guidance, and help China's industry accelerate its progress towards the "double carbon" policy from the two dimensions of "sustainable development" and "digital transformation".


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