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Schneider apcups bk650m2-ch unpacking and installation instructions

After unpacking, the packing box is normal; For me who often toss about NAS, Schneider APC brand is a classic series of bk650, which has long been famous. After many years, I can still see the upgraded version of bk650.

First, let's take a look at the outer packaging. Since it is an upgraded version, it naturally adopts a new generation of outer packaging design. The white and green style has a smooth visual sense, and the green environmental color looks very tall. In addition, on the side of the outer package, the display of various application scenarios and all-round high-definition pictures of the product are cleverly added; The original factory warranty and two-year replacement without repair are the original taste and the same after-sales commitment. Excellent product quality and after-sales commitment fully reflect the position of APC brand in the industry;

According to the old rule, when unpacking and unpacking the box, the family photo comes first. The host, power line, communication data line, installation and operation instructions and other things are all alive; The inner packaging is fixed with left and right EPE cotton to prevent shock and fall. It's easy to weigh: 3.3kg, it's still a little heavy;

Take out the hard disk body in the EPE cotton box packed inside, with four national standard output jacks on the front and two 5v2.4a USB power output ports below, which can be used to power USB devices such as mobile phones. There is also a one button mute button lying in the lower left corner; The back is relatively simple for me, a battery compartment and wall mounting holes required for the wall; The left and right sides are the ports for power input and data communication respectively. On the whole, it is very simple and clear, and Xiaobai can also be installed easily;

You should know that APC has special management software on the win side: APC powerchute Personal Edition; The official website shows that the latest version is 3.1, which was updated in September this year. The installation package is only 36m. After the software is installed, the driver automatically installs and identifies the ups link. Various functions can be operated on the software management page, which is relatively convenient;

There is nothing wrong with running under win, so let's go over NAS again. Because there is only one data line interface, we can only plug the USB connector just plugged into the computer into the USB interface of NAS. Because the author's NAS is running on the virtual machine of esxi, I thought it would be a toss. As a result, esxi directly recognized the ups. As long as you manually add the device to NAS, it seems that APC has been well adapted to the esxi system, It is much more comfortable than those ordinary UPS tossing all kinds of scripts. After the device is added successfully, NAS can identify it perfectly. Now the hard disk and data can stably prevent all kinds of abnormal power cuts and several abnormal power cuts ~ praise!!

’Let's take a look at the following two USB interfaces, the total output of 5v+2.4a. Personally, I think this design is very good. You can directly connect the data cable to charge the mobile phone. It can also be used as a charging treasure when power is off, or connect a USB desk lamp. Because of the blessing of the battery, emergency response is also very good when power is off; Or put a USB Fan on it in summer for heat dissipation Anyway, give full play to your DIY imagination ~ haha~


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