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Features and advantages of smart ups on line


Temperature compensation battery charging

Adjust charging voltage according to actual battery temperature to prolong battery life

Automatic internal bypass

In case of overload or failure of UPS power supply, public power supply shall be provided to the connected load.

Automatically restart the load after UPS shutdown

Once the power supply is restored, the connected equipment will be restarted automatically.

Scalable uptime

Allow more run time to be added quickly when needed

Hot swappable battery

Ensure a clean, uninterrupted power supply to protect the device throughout the battery replacement process

Smart battery management

Get the best performance, life and reliability of battery through intelligent and accurate charging technology.


Compatible with ENFI Manager

In order to conduct centralized management through the Yingfei manager software of APC.

Network management

Realize the remote power management of UPS through the network.

LED status indicator

With the help of video indicators, you can quickly understand the device and power status.

Smartslot slot

Using management card to customize UPS performance

serial connection

Manage UPS through serial port.


Flash upgradeable firmware

Use FTP to install the firmware revision remotely.

Frame / tower conversion

Protection's initial investment in UPS when migrating from tower to cabinet installation environment

Plug and play external battery

When additional operation time is added to UPS, clean and uninterrupted power supply of load shall be ensured.


Audible alarm

Provide notice of changing the conditions of mains and UPS power supply

Battery disconnect notification

Warning when battery does not provide backup power

Predictable fault notification

Early warning failure analysis ensures timely replacement of components

Automatic self checking

Self check the battery regularly to ensure that the battery to be replaced can be detected as soon as possible.

User replaceable battery

Simple battery upgrade and replacement

System protection

Resettable line switch

It is easy to recover from overload without changing fuse.

Certified by safety agency

The product has been tested and certified to ensure that it can work safely with the connected service provider equipment in the specified environment.

Compatible generator

When using the generator power supply, ensure that it is clean and uninterrupted to protect the equipment

Cold start capability

Provide temporary battery power when mains power is stopped

Input power factor correction

Minimize installation costs by using small generators and wire connections

Power conditioning

Protect connected loads from surges, spikes, lightning, and other power disturbances.

Frequency and voltage regulation

Poor frequency and voltage conditions can be corrected without using batteries to provide higher availability.

Marketing characteristics

Save time with easy and convenient remote access.

Network management through serial port, USB or optional Ethernet. Includes powerchute ® network shutdown software for easy monitoring and control, secure operating system shutdown, and innovative energy management capabilities.

Leaders' complete device compatibility and reliability can make you feel at ease

Provide pure sine wave output recommended by the server manufacturer using active power factor correction (PFC) power supply. Testing and certification by security organizations means that you can deploy smart ups and be confident that they meet or exceed the industry's most stringent standards.

Avoids costly power problems by keeping your IT equipment and data protected and available.

Network level power supply regulation function can prevent the harm of surge and destructive noise. Dual conversion architecture can provide strict voltage regulation, frequency regulation and zero conversion time to battery in case of power accident.

Low operating and maintenance costs with proven reliability and intelligent battery management.

The intelligent battery management initiated by APC company can maximize the performance and life of battery through intelligent and accurate temperature compensation charging. The automatic self-test ensures the reliability of the battery and warns the user before replacing the battery. The convenient, easy to connect, hot swappable battery module enables battery replacement without power failure.

Product Distribution


technical parameter

Output power capacity

2100 watts / 3000 VA

Maximum configurable power

2100 watts / 3000 VA

Rated output voltage


Adjustable range of output voltage

Can be set to 220, 230 or 240 output voltage

Full load efficiency


Output voltage distortion

Below 3%

Output frequency (synchronous with main frequency)

50 / 60 Hz + / - 3 Hz user adjustable + / - 0.1

Other output voltage

220, 240

Wave crest factor



Dual conversion Online

Waveform type

sine wave

Output connection

(8) IEC 320 C13 apcups.gif

(2) IEC 320 C19 APC power supply.gif

(2) IEC Jumpers


Internal bypass (automatic and manual)


Rated input voltage


Input frequency

50 / 60 Hz + / - 3 Hz (auto adapt)

Input terminal type

IEC-320 C20

Operating voltage range

160 - 280V

Adjustable input voltage range

100 - 280V

Other input voltage

220, 240

Battery and running time

Battery type

No internal battery - use external battery system

Available battery module slots


Optional battery

APC Smart-UPS RT 3000VA 230V No Batteries for China

Runtime chart

Curve Part Number(s)


+ (1)SURT192XLBP


+ (3)SUBP16-1


+ (2)SURT192XLBP


+ (3)SURT192XLBP


+ (4)SURT192XLBP

Apcups power.png

Browse the runtime chart line above to see the details of the runtime to load ratio

Running time data measured by curve fitting All measurements are made with a new fully charged battery, under typical environmental conditions and without power input and power