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Schneider Electric signed a purchase agreement with national power group to provide carbon reduction services

Shanghai, China, November 5, 2021 - Schneider Electric, a digital transformation expert in the field of global energy efficiency management and automation, and National Power Investment Group Co., Ltd. (national power group) signed a purchase agreement on the spot of the fourth China International Import Expo (China International Import Expo) opened on November 5. The two sides will further deepen their cooperation in material purchase, technological transformation, consulting services Cooperation in business training and other aspects.

As the world's largest coal production company, thermal power generation company, wind power company and coal to oil and coal chemical company, national power group plays a demonstration and leading role in the completion of carbon peak and carbon neutralization of the whole power work. It has strict requirements for product quality and service level of cooperative partners. Vice president of Schneider Electric Chen Weiwei, head of service business in China, said: "As the 'operation expert' around the enterprise, Schneider Electric will help national power group complete the stable and sustainable operation of production and business with the full life cycle products and services integrating software and hardware, deepen the exploration of service business at both ends, and also play a demonstration role in the development of service business at work."

At present, with the deepening of digital transformation and the proposal of "3060" carbon peak and carbon neutralization policy, China's power system and even the overall economic working methods will face in-depth exploration and transformation. As a coal, thermal power, new power, water, transportation, chemical industry, science and technology, environmental protection, finance and other eight industrial sectors, national power group's every move attracts people's attention: if an is promoting its own transformation and building a clean, low-carbon, safe and efficient power system, it is very important to ensure the continuous and stable production and the continuous improvement of power.

With expert services, Schneider Electric provides customers with full life cycle, cross brand and one-stop consulting services and solutions for electrical and automation equipment and their operations. Schneider Electric continues to help the enterprise's central business maintain resilience and work in the best condition. Schneider Electric believes that service plays an important role in both developing digital economy and ending green sustainability. This time, a purchase agreement was signed with national power group. In addition to the distribution and sale of more than 1100 products including circuit breakers, contactors, frequency converters and automation products in national power e shopping mall, Schneider Electric will also discuss with national power group on work protection of conventional equipment, sale of spare parts, technical training, technical consultation Optimize and transform, and explore cooperation methods together. Both sides will rely on the national power e-shopping mall platform to build a supply chain ecosystem and provide one-stop services.

From the establishment of direct cooperation with national power group in 2018 to becoming the main supplier of electrical products of national power group, Schneider Electric has deepened its cooperation with national power group through high-level service. A series of digital transformation cases and carbon emission reduction practices have proved that the service business not only provides important support, but also has great potential. Schneider Electric attaches importance to service malls and relies on a lot of work observation, rich sustainable experience and service talents in specific fields such as green power management and green intelligent manufacturing to help Chinese customers efficiently and orderly promote the achievement of carbon reduction, efficiency and carbon neutralization policies. Trust this collaboration with the national power group to steadily help it finish the policies of continuously promoting the large-scale development of clean power, the cleaning of fossil power and the intelligent development of power industry, and also set an example for the work to clarify the idea of sustainable development and implement the behavior of double carbon strategy with "service", so as to have a positive impact on the implementation and strength of service business.


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