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Technical parameters and quality requirements of Schneider apcups smart surt20kuxich

Technical parameters and quality requirements of smart surt20kuxich

How to purchase the technical parameters and quality requirements of smart surt20kuxich in the official network of apcups, the APC static load switching switch shall be provided as part of UPS system, and shall have control and protection functions. When the inverter fails or the system is overloaded, it shall be switched to the standby power supply automatically. The switching system shall have an internal anti tripping device to prevent vibration between power sources in case of unclear failure downstream. When the fault is cleared or the load has returned to normal state, the static switch shall be automatically switched back to the inverter output position, and the manual operation of load switch shall be provided with facilities to prevent misoperation.

Manual maintenance bypass switch of apcups power official network shall be provided on load side as standby power supply of static switch. The arrangement shall be such that when the load is supplied by the standby power supply, the ups shall be able to isolate for test and maintenance purposes

Control, protection and self inspection system. When maintaining any main components, the control power supply shall not be cut off. The apcups power network shall be able to control the local read-out unit with status indication and setting value. The signal and control devices shall be embedded in the cabinet door. The color mark of signal lamp and button shall conform to national standard. The control circuit shall be provided with special short circuit and overload protection. Overload protection device shall be manually reset. The DC line of rectifier and battery shall be equipped with ground fault detector. Fuse for protection of semiconductor components shall be provided with fuse indication. Signal circuit shall send out alarm signal reliably in case of failure. The action characteristics of the protection circuit shall conform to the working current characteristics, and the Ma signal and other regulating or control lines shall be shielded from other systems.

Smart surt20kuxich, the official network of apcups power supply, shall be fully self-protection. Fault self inspection system shall be easy to find fault, and self inspection, protection and alarm system shall monitor and protect the whole UPS system, which shall be independent of static control function

A simulated display indicating main components and working status of UPS system shall be set on the front of cabinet. Contacts for remote control signals shall be reserved. If required by the purchaser, communication interface applicable to specific communication protocol shall be set, and operation parameters and signals shall be transmitted to remote monitoring system. All wires and conductors shall have separate terminals unless the terminals are dedicated to multiple conductors. The wiring between terminals shall be continuous and no joints shall be allowed. All external connection cables shall be from the bottom to the ups. Sealing plate, cable inlet, clamp, grounding, support device and terminal shall be part of power supply. They shall be suitable for cable type, specification and quantity. Cable seal is plastic. In design, sufficient connection space shall be reserved between cable seal and terminal.

The equipotential potential shall be ensured between exposed conductive parts and shell of smart surt20kuxich element in the official network of apcups power supply, and between the shell and the grounding bus / grounding bolt. If necessary, grounding jumper shall be used. The control system shall not be affected by the spike pulse and voltage fluctuation caused by the operation, internal fault of the system and high frequency signal on the line. Noise at 1m from UPS system under any load condition is less than 65dB


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