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Schneider UPS power supply and storage battery installation and connection method

I believe that if you are not a relevant professional, your understanding of Schneider UPS power supply should still be in a strange state. Xiaobian will give you a brief introduction here. The concept of UPS power supply is uninterruptible power supply, which mainly refers to the connection between battery and UPS power supply unit, a power supply that converts DC power into mains power. Among the UPS power supply brands, Schneider UPS power supply is more famous, and it is very well-known in the same industry market. Here is a brief description of Schneider UPS installation.
Schneider UPS installation instructions:
1. The area where Schneider UPS is placed must be well ventilated and away from water, flammable gases and corrosive substances.
2. It should not be placed laterally to keep the air inlet at the lower end of the front panel. The air outlet and air inlet on the side of the rear cover fan cabinet are unobstructed.
3. The ambient temperature of Schneider UPS should be between 0 ° C and 40 ° C.
4. If the ups machine is not used at low temperature, water droplets may condense. Before installation or use, be sure to wait until the inside and outside of the machine are completely dry. Otherwise, there is a risk of electric shock.
5. Place the UPS power supply near the power input socket, so as to pull out the power input plug in case of emergency to cut off the power supply.
6. When the load is connected to APC UPS, the load must be turned off, the wiring must be connected, and then the load must be turned on one by one.
7. Connect the APC ups to a special socket with over-current protection.
8. When using UPS, the power socket should be connected to the protective ground wire.
9. Whether the input power cord is plugged into the power socket or not, it can supply power for UPS output. Shutting down UPS does not guarantee that internal components are not online. If you want no output, you must first turn off the switch and then cancel the main power supply.
10. For standard machines, it is recommended to charge the battery for 8 hours before use. As long as the power plug is connected to the host, ups will automatically charge the battery. If you do not charge it, you immediately use the apcups power supply, and the ups delay time will be less than the standard value.

11. Need to connect the motor, display. During operation such as laser induction, when the power of the printer is too high. When UPS is selected, the capacity will be calculated according to the starting power. The starting power is usually twice the rated power.
Installation method of APC UPS power supply and battery:

1. Determine the DC voltage of Schneider ups
2. Connect to Schneider UPS power input
3. Assemble the battery pack by series connection (see the figure below), connecting the battery air switch and terminal block in turn
5. DC power line from battery cabinet to apcups power supply

The above is a brief introduction of Schneider UPS power supply and battery installation method.


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