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What to do if apcups power supply fails to start

The function of apcups power supply is to ensure the continuous operation of electrical equipment in case of grid voltage drop or interruption. At present, UPS, as a backup power supply, has been widely used in hospitals, banks, data management and other fields, and plays an irreplaceable role in power grid voltage interruption.

In the application of apcups power supply, if it is unable to start, there are several common problems, which are analyzed as follows.

Case 1: the newly installed UPS power supply fails to start normally

This may be caused by two reasons. The user can check whether the battery connection plug on the back panel of UPS power supply is connected first. If not, open the front panel to check if the battery is connected.

Case 2: Schneider UPS power battery has been used for about 2 years, unable to start

For most users, this situation is generally due to more or less battery capacity decline or battery inertia after two years of use. If the battery can not play the role of delay, users need to consider replacing the new battery to avoid the problem of battery inertia. Battery automation management software can be used 。

Case 3: the voltage of single battery is normal, but the apcups power supply cannot be started

At this time, although the voltage of single battery is normal, it may be caused by some other reasons that the ups cannot be started.

1 it is likely that there is a problem in the connection between the battery and the battery or between the battery and the UPS power supply. For example, the connection point is not firm or there is oxidation at the connection point. In this case, it is necessary to remove the oxide and reconnect.

2. The fuse between the apcups power supply and the battery is broken. If the fuse is broken, replace the fuse.

3. The connection between Schneider UPS power supply and battery is very long, thin or there is a connection point in the middle, so there is a large voltage drop, resulting in UPS power failure to start.


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