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Analysis of common faults of Schneider apcups smart-ups100000ux (2)

First, it may be caused by the fluctuation of electricity supply. Second, if you use a generator, that's what happens.

Operation method:

1. Smart UPS can not be cold started, but it can work normally.

This belongs to the wrong operation method. The correct cold start steps are as follows: press and hold the test key for about 4 seconds, release your hand immediately after hearing the beep, and the ups can be cold started. If the pressing time is too long or too short, UPS can not be cold started. It is recommended that you follow this procedure several times.

2. The communication between ups and computer is abnormal.

If you do not use the original communication cable of APC, this problem will occur.

3. Su5000uxi, su5000inet, su5000rminet input line connection method.

These three models do not have input cable when they leave the factory, but they have special input cable terminals. Input cable connection steps: find out the connection terminal of UPS input cable (for su5000inet, the connection terminal of input cable is in the upper right corner of the back of UPS, for su5000rminet, it is in the upper left corner of the back of UPS), it is hidden in the cover plate, the cover plate is fixed by a screw, you need to use a screwdriver to loosen the screw and remove the cover plate to connect the input line.

4. The fan starts frequently when the smart UPS works online.

This situation is caused by the high temperature inside the ups. You can install powerchuteplus to observe the internal temperature of the ups. Generally, the fan starts when the temperature inside the ups reaches 40 ℃. This design is to improve the service life and operation reliability of ups.

Other factors:

1. Smart UPS often has overload alarm.

Please check whether there is a printer connected to the ups. It is not recommended that you connect the printer to the back of the ups, because the working current of the printer will suddenly increase when printing, which may cause the ups to overload and power off. It is also not recommended to connect the power socket behind the ups, because the ups overload may occur due to the instantaneous short circuit of the power socket.

2. LCD display of matrix5000 and matrix3000: nobatterycommunications

This is because smartcell or smartcellxr original battery pack is not configured. This message only shows "no battery communication", which will not affect the normal operation of ups.


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